How to find perfect fit underwear - Panties guide

How to find perfect fit underwear - Panties guide

If your underpants do not fit you right, you are going to feel uncomfortable all throughout the day. You’d end up fiddling with your pinching panties because either they’re too tight or they just keep twitching at all the wrong places. 

Your underwear is supposed to keep you comfortable at all times and complement your entire outfit. But this is only possible when you get a thorough understanding of how to find your right size. Find your right fit in underwear with our advance size recommender you can find it most of our product pages. 

Tips to get perfect panty size

It’s important to understand where you are going wrong specially when buy your undies online. You might have paid a lot of attention to your outerwear but unfortunately, you have been a little hush-hush about your undies rising up or rolling down. Do not be stuck tugging at them your whole life. Take note of the following red flags. If you have had any of these troubles, you need to get a replacement ASAP.

  • The panties keep digging into your skin
  • They do not support your back
  • The fabric does not give a shapely look and bulges at the crotch
  • The waistband or leg openings cause itching and rashes
  • There are too many creases
  • They cause unwanted wedgies
  • They keep riding up, rolling down or sagging

Now, coming to finding the right panty size! Here are the two most important things you need to do.

Step 1:

Keep your body type in mind: Ensure that you buy a panty based on your body type, modesty level, and the kind of dress you want to wear with it. Choose the panty which seems to be in balance with your body tone.

For instance- Go for high-waisted briefs if you have a large belly. If you carry most of your weight on your stomach, underwear with a lower waistband can be uncomfortable. If you are curvy or have an hourglass figure- high-waisted briefs can be a very comfortable option.

Step 2:

Check your Hip Size – You need to determine the size of the fullest part of your hips which usually fluctuates between 6” to 9” below your natural waistline based on your height. Ensure wrapping the measuring tape in a snug fit, not too tight! This would be your ideal hip measurement.

Step 3:

Measure your Waistline – The area where your body indents creates your natural waistline. All you need to do is wrap a measuring tape around your natural waistline comfortably. Now. measure around 5 centimeters below your natural waist where the waistband of your trousers usually sit. This is your waist size.

Finally you need to match those measurement with our advance size recommender or our size chart.

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