Underwear care tips - How to wash your underwear

Underwear care tips - How to wash your underwear

You spend lots of money to buy the most comfortable panties, However, after a few times you wear them and forget to care those till last for while. A big part of it is how you wash and properly dry your underwear

Use hand wash to wash your underwear 

Lace and mesh underwear are compulsory to wash by hand. If you put these types of underwear in the washing machine it may damage after first use. 

What You’ll Need to Hand Wash Underwear

  1. Sink or Tub 
  2. Cold Water
  3. Mild Laundry Detergent 
  4. 2 Clean Towels 
  5. Hangers or Drying Rack 

Step 1: Clean and Fill Your Sink or tub with Cold Water + Detergent

The first step in hand washing your underwear is finding a clean sink or tub that is large enough for your garments to fit in. Begin by filling your sink or tub with water and add less than a penny size amount of detergent, too much can leave residue on your panties. 

Step 2: Add Underwear to Sink/Tub + Gently Rub 

Once you’ve added your underwear to the sink/tub, make sure your panties are submerged and swish them around to loosen any dirt or stains. Next, you will want to give them a gentle scrub focusing on areas like the sanitization strip and anywhere else body oils and bacteria can be present. Next, let the underwear soak for 5 to 15 minutes depending on how many garments you are washing at one time. 

Step 3: Rinse Your Underwear

Once you’re ready to remove your underwear from the sink, take them out one by one and rinse them with cold water. Continue rinsing until all the soap is off your underwear and the water runs clear. 

Tip: Never ring out your underwear or else it will stretch the fabric. Lightly squeeze the water out if needed.

Step 4: Dry Your Underwear

To dry your underwear, place them down on a clean towel and use your second towel to remove any water by pressing down on it. Make sure all the water is squeezed out. Then take the underwear and hang it up on either a hanger or drying rack to air dry.

If you are using a machine to wash your other undergarments keep the below tips in mind. 

Use a delicates bag - Using a delicate bag is an ideal way to wash your underwear with other clothing. It allows clothes to not go to the dryer machine and it will help to prevent shrinking and damage.

Wash on cold water using a gentle cycle - This helps to prevent color fading and is better for the environment. Use a gentle cycle on your washing machine so that it agitates the clothing less in the wash.

Do not use fabric softener - It's advisable not to use fabric softener in any of the laundries specially for underwear. Because it’s so close to the skin and other delicate body parts, These fabric softeners made with weird chemicals, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances are used in the liquid. Just skip it for all clothing. 

Skip the machine dryer - This is the most important part when it's come to caring for your underwear. The heat breaks down the elastic! Instead, get a drying rack or install a clothesline to air dry your delicates.

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