The word 'sustainable gets lots of play these days but what does it actually means? Its mean methods of power generation that help to preserve the earth's natural system.

No one is asking you to save the planet but local solutions and small initiatives tend to punch well.

How VC SECRET Impact on earth?

While we make comfort and sexy clothing we conscious our planet. Building a company that takes responsibility for its impact on the earth is not a choice for us. It is simply black and white.   


Our 95% underwear made with sustainable material which is cruelty free and best for vegan lifestyle. 

Delivery bags 

We use 100% recyclable paper bags, in fact they can also composted as well.

Swing Tags 

We use 100% Eco-friendly embraided and washable labels


At the moment we use plastic bags to package our all products. we use this secure bags to protect, keep good hygiene and deliver fresh clothes to our valuable clients.

However our promise to you that we are working on to bring 100% Eco-friendly and secure bag. We believe we can bring on before end of 2021.

Let's do it together 

Protect our planet is everyone's responsibility.

Our advice on how to reduce your fashion footprint 

Wash your clothes on a lower temperature 

Repair, don't replace

Air dry clothes where possible

Only buy items that you love and will use

Donate, sell or recycle unwanted items

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